Mar 07

Honda Reveals the Civic Tourer Concept

During the recent International Auto Show which took place in Geneva, Honda gave the world its first look at the upcoming Honda Civic Tourer Concept. The Tourer Concept is Honda’s last step until they debut the Civic Tourer production model is launched in September.

This means the new Honda Civic in Everett is an expanding family, getting ready to add this beautiful sporty wagon to its folds. The Civic Tourer Concept was designed with aerodynamics in mind, giving the car a sporty and aggressive feel. It definitely has a unique style that makes you think practicality and speed, all at the same time.

Though Honda hasn’t spoken specifically about this Civic Wagon coming to the U.S., the automotive media do not expect it to happen. Americans aren’t huge fans of wagons, preferring crossover SUVs for space and functionality. There’s no telling what may happen if the world receives the Tourer well, and the demand in the U.S. becomes high.

For more information about the Civic, or to take a look at any Honda model, contact Klein Honda.

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