Lease a 2014 Honda Odyssey in Everett

The Honda Odyssey has always been the favored minivan pick among its competitors within the same segment. It is a family favorite especially for those that are based within Suburbia and it comes in three trims which are the LX, EX and the EX-L. As such, it combines the attributes of strong family features with those of confident driving dynamics and a long standing record that is made for reliability.  These are just some of the advantages that one should put in mind when they want to Lease a 2014 Honda Odyssey in Everett. Under the hood, the engine of the Honda Odyssey consists of a 3.5 liter V6 engine that generates 248 horsepower.

Lease a 2014 Honda Odyssey in Everett

It is linked to a five speed automatic transmission while there is an option for a six speed manual transmission with a better acceleration and fuel economy. When you Lease a 2014 Honda Odyssey in Everett, there are several aspects that attractive, for one it is very impressive this is partially due to the smooth V6 engine and the agile handling. Compared to the previous mode of the Odyssey, the present one is relatively quieter on the road.

The stowage space aside, the cabin of Lease a 2014 Honda Odyssey in Everett also boasts of numerous cup holders. There is also a removable center console that has a trash bag holder and a beverage cooler. These are located at the bottom of the dashboard. The material quality is excellent throughout and though the knobs and the buttons for the HVAC are numerous, they are organized in a logical manner.

The interior of the Lease a 2014 Honda Odyssey in Everett features full power accessories, as well as cruise control and side curtain airbags that come along with stability control and a CD player. The EX trim brings added alloy wheel s and eight passenger seating to the table. There are also power sliding doors, a power driving seat and a six disc CD changer. One of the best attributes of the Odyssey is the massive storage space that it has inside. The reward is a warehouse like 148 cubic meters of space on the interior.

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