Road To Success Gets Clearer For Honda’s Hydrogen-Powered FCX Clarity

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Honda FCX Clarity image

Honda helped make hydrogen history once again recently, as Jon Spallino—who drives a Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle—became the first retail customer at the country’s first pipeline-fed hydrogen filling station, located in Torrance, Calif.

“This new Torrance hydrogen station will give FCX Clarity customers another option for quick, convenient fueling,” said Elmer Hardy, senior manager, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Sales & Marketing at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “This is a positive step for our FCX Clarity customers and the industry as we continue to put vehicles on the road and demonstrate the real-world capabilities of Honda fuel-cell electric-vehicle technology.”

Other notable “firsts” for the world’s first production fuel-cell vehicle to run on hydrogen include being the first to:

  • Start and operate in sub-freezing temperatures
  • Reach a retail customer
  • Go into production on an assembly line dedicated solely to hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles
  • Have its own dealer network
  • Pace an Indy Car race in the U.S.

Leveraging the cutting-edge Honda V Flow Fuel Cell Stack to help convert hydrogen into electricity for its electric motor, today’s FCX Clarity is an impressive option for energy savings. In fact, it’s three times as efficient as similarly sized gasoline-powered vehicles, and even compared to gasoline-powered hybrids, the FCX Clarity is twice as efficient. Honda’s fuel-cell vehicle also boasts an EPA-certified range of 240 miles, can be refueled in just five minutes, and produces a small amount of water as its only emissions.

Most significantly, the FCX Clarity is available to retail customers right now (on a limited basis) in select Honda dealerships in Southern California.

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