Scheduled Maintenance for Honda in Everett

If you are searching the Internet for information on Scheduled Maintenance for Honda in Everett, we here at Klein Honda want to give you peace-of-mind in knowing if you bring your Honda here, our service professionals can perform maintenance in our state-of-the-art facility. Our Service Department offers complimentary services when you bring in your Honda that includes wiper insert install, running a battery test, running diagnostics on a check engine light, car wash with service, tire rotation with every service, and a complete worlds-class multi-point inspection.

auto mechanic repairman inspecting car

Scheduled Maintenance for Honda in Everett includes an oil and filter change. Depending on what model you have means bringing your Honda in at different intervals for an oil change, so check with a Service Representative or refer to your owner’s manual for when to bring your car in for service. At 15,000 miles we will perform an oil and filter service, rotate your tires, clean and adjust your parking brake, road test the vehicle for accurate real-world circumstances, check the throttle body, check the brakes for minor adjustments, and more. Other scheduled maintenance services we provide for our customers is an engine coolant and radiator check. This system is crucial to maintain as it provides much needed cooling for your engine to maintain a healthy level of heat. If you’ve ever seen a car on the side of the road with its hood up and steam rising from the engine, it’s because the coolant system has failed and resulted in the engine becoming so hot it stopped working. When the engine is running, a healthy amount of friction occurs. The job of your motor oil is to prevent excess friction from happening that can, over time, wear out key components of the engine.

Another service we offer our Honda customers is a fuel saver and performance package. Check out our website for more information on cost. The package includes replacing the engine air filter, perform a fuel induction system service, and road test the vehicle to make sure everything is performing at the highest level of efficiency. The job of the air filter is to keep contaminants out of the incoming air needed for combustion. Upon inspection, our service experts can tell you if you need to replace the air filter in your car. This is a low cost replacement that can potentially save you the cost of a new engine. For more information on all Scheduled Maintenance for Honda in Everett visit our Service Department at 10611 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204.

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