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Honda Racing UK Works On New Civic Racer

The new European-market Honda Civic has yet to make its official debut, but already the automaker’s racing arm is working on a new race car based on the new platform. The new European Honda Civic is being built according to the new NGTC rules employed by the British Touring Car Championship

Honda erects a big ol’ ferris wheel at Goodwood

Filed under: Etc. , Honda , UK The Honda Eye at Goodwood – Click above for high-res image Soon, Le Mans won’t be the only heritage-rich race track with a ferris wheel, and the Mugen CR-Z won’t be the only thing Honda will have on display at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. See where this is heading?

Mugen itching to build hot Honda Fit

Filed under: Aftermarket , Performance , Europe , Hatchback , Honda , UK Mugen Honda Fit/Jazz – Click above for high-res image gallery As the pseudo-works Honda tuner of choice, Mugen has tricked out Civic models for decades. They’ve also dabbled in the occasional Accord , are preparing to debut their supercharged CR-Z and have even had their way with the Ariel Atom – powered as it is by Honda engines

Report: Mugen CR-Z powertrain details come to light

Filed under: Hybrid , Hatchback , Honda Mugen Honda CR-Z sketches – Click above for high-res image gallery The Honda CR-Z is an interesting little hybrid that has mostly disappointed us with a dire need for more power if it ever hopes to live up to its promise as a sports coupe. The tuners at Mugen have promised to change all that with a souped-up version of the unique little hatch, and CAR reports the result is a 50-percent power increase via forced injection

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