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Mugen shows Honda CR-Z RR Concept at Goodwood

Filed under: Aftermarket , Hybrid , Performance , Hatchback , Honda Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery Mugen is not a name that one would be shocked to hear announced over the Goodwood Festival of Speed PA system. The Honda CR-Z , however, is a car that festival goers would be surprised to see idling ahead of its run up the hill.

Mugen CR-Z sounds nice as it zooms toward Goodwood

Filed under: Aftermarket , Coupe , Hybrid , Performance , Videos , Hatchback , Honda Mugen Honda CR-Z hits the road – Click above to watch the video after the break If you belong to the camp that believes there’s nothing wrong with the Honda CR-Z hybrid hatch that couldn’t be cured with an extra few doses of power, Mugen is cooking up something special that may be just what your tastebuds ordered. If current speculation holds true, the Mugen-modified CR-Z will put out around 200 horsepower, drop 110 pounds of pudge from its standard curb weight and see improvements made to the base car’s brakes, wheels and tires

Mugen Unveils Its Supercharged Honda CR-Z

Some enthusiasts may feel that the Honda CR-Z is lacking a bit of power from its hybrid powertrain.

Honda CR-Z Mugen show car to pack 197 horsepower for Goodwood debut

Filed under: Concept Cars , Hybrid , Performance , Hatchback , Honda , Misc. Auto Shows , UK Honda CR-Z Mugen – Click above for high-res image gallery Call it anticipation or call it wishful thinking, but reports of a hotter version of the Honda CR-Z have been circulating pretty much ever since the hybrid hatchback hit the market. The CR-Z may be sportier than most hybrids, but when the faithful were expecting a spiritual successor to the iconic CRX with an added jolt of electricity, many were left disappointed

Report: Mugen CR-Z powertrain details come to light

Filed under: Hybrid , Hatchback , Honda Mugen Honda CR-Z sketches – Click above for high-res image gallery The Honda CR-Z is an interesting little hybrid that has mostly disappointed us with a dire need for more power if it ever hopes to live up to its promise as a sports coupe. The tuners at Mugen have promised to change all that with a souped-up version of the unique little hatch, and CAR reports the result is a 50-percent power increase via forced injection

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