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Honda Automobiles: Honda Civic Si – Chassis

This release contains: 1 Related Document Using the 10th-generation Civic EX-T chassis as a starting point, the 2017 Civic Si Coupe and Si Sedan add significant technological and operational bandwidth, creating a pair of new models that expand the Civic Coupe and Sedan’s dynamic envelope.

Honda Automobiles: 2017 Honda CR-V – Chassis

This release contains: 1 Related Document The new 2017 CR-V’s chassis has evolved to provide more agile and confident handling, greater refinement, additional ground clearance, and superior overall versatility. Increased front and rear track widths combined with front MacPherson strut and rear multi-link suspension with specially tuned low-friction dampers and tubular front and solid rear stabilizer bars promote responsive turn-in and flatter cornering. A new dual-pinion, variable gear ratio Electric Power Steering (EPS) system also contributes to the CR-V’s direct and satisfying steering feel.

Honda Automobiles: 2016 Honda Pilot – Chassis

This release contains: 1 Related Document Overview The 2016 Pilot utilizes an all-new chassis developed from the ground up to provide exceptionally high levels of ride comfort and confidence-inspiring handling and braking performance, while also making critical contributions to the even more family-friendly interior package, class-leading fuel efficiency and safety performance. Working in conjunction with the new Pilot’s more rigid, lightweight and sound-insulating body structure (see Body section ) the new chassis features major improvements to the suspension and steering systems, wheels, wheel bearings, tires and brakes. Also contributing to the dynamic improvements are the Pilot’s lower weight, improved aerodynamics, lower center of mass, and improved horsepower and torque ( see Body section and Powertrain section )

Honda Automobiles: 2016 Honda HR-V – Chassis

This release contains: 1 Related Document Overview The HR-V’s chassis combines sophistication and fun together in one compelling driving package.

Honda Automobiles: 2015 Honda Fit – Chassis

Overview Significant changes were made to the 2015 Fit’s chassis to dramatically improve all aspects of ride quality, handling, steering feel and noise. The foundation of these changes is a lighter but more rigid platform with an emphasis on the rigidity of suspension mounting points for improved lateral stiffness. Newly designed front and rear suspension with revised geometry and damper settings plus sprung- and unsprung- weight reductions were also employed to improve ride quality

2012 Honda Insight Makes Debut In Frankfurt

Honda has refreshed the 2012 Insight just in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show . The updated model’s debut in Germany showed off a number of improvements, including blue tinted headlight covers, new grille and front spoiler, and a reshaped rear end.

Honda to debut all-new European five-door Civic in Frankfurt [w/video]

Filed under: Frankfurt Motor Show , Europe , Hatchback , Honda The 2012 Honda Civic has already launched here in the United States, but the party is just about to start for our friends in Europe. Across the pond, the Civic has always been quite different from the model we receive in North America, and for the new model year, that tradition will carry on. How can we tell?

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